Being influenced by the likes of these established southern greats, he recently dropped his mixtapes Southernized Vol. 1&2 which take you through a journey of his life lessons while giving you a variety of sounds ranging from your club bangers like R.I.P. and Pole Shaka (Southernized Vol 1) to R&B crooning styled tracks like Hold and Hitched (Southernized Vol 2). Maintaine is never one to stop working. When asked what he'd like to see from the music community and listeners in general, he replied " I'd like to see more support for local talent, but i understand you have to build the foundation up. So it's just work hard and with time anything is possible."  You can catch him all around DFW performing local friendly venues like Crown and Harp and (...) .


"My biggest (influence) is Chamillionaire off top. I guess Bun B, Pimp C, Big Krit, Ludcris, T.I. and Young Jeezy. Pretty much a lot of the legends that come out of the south."

      Nothing is more valuable to up and coming artists as the listeners that help to grow their audience. Every artist isn't everyones cup of tea, but applause, a like, share or follow goes a long way in helping fuel the energy needed to get them where they need to go. Not many lanes of work rely solely on how the public takes you in like the field of the arts.


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