Joseph Naghwai

     Many folks, with their own individual crafts and interests are spurred to dive into those particular interests by way of watching others that have mastered it. Theres something captivating and inspiring in the world of art that exists with each creation; the ability to spread that flame. The very art, the expression on tape, canvas, or dance floor, has the ability to reach within an individual and draw out the artists in them. It's the reason why I picked up the sax, hearing and seeing players like Grover Washington Jr. and Gerald Albright.  So many new artists are born through this. Joseph Naghwai was one of them as well. John Mayer's flame, carried through his guitar strings and out into the air, helped ignite what would be Joseph's love for guitar. As a kid, Joseph showed a solid interest in playing guitar, so much that he'd eventually ask his parents to buy him one. But at that age, as most kids, he had the attention span of a squirrel. It would't be until more mature years that he actually picked up his guitar seriously. Drawing on his life experience, Joseph recorded Old Habits, his new EP. "A song I wrote two months back is completely different than a song I wrote a couple weeks ago. It’s crazy because you have just kinda have to live. Albums have a lot to do with living and giving it the space that it needs" In the same vein as Mayer, Joseph Naghwai didn't have a voice to match his guitar but you probably wouldn't notice listening to his folk influence EP Old Habits. Listen to Joseph go more into depth and even strum us a tune!

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