Fat Boy Status

      One of the first groups we were able to get hold of for an episode of The Hub Beat were Big Speekah and Aragon of Fat Boy Status. Both have been on the music circuit in Dallas for some time now, but having laid low, they both sought to take this opportunity to shed some light on their background and the Dallas music scene as a whole. Early on Big Speekah and Aragon were exposed to the gritty nature of what is the Webb Chapel area of Dallas. Friends who'd get caught up in drugs, jail, and gangs were nothing out of the norm for them to be confronted with at their young ages. As many do, they turned to music as their saving grace from the potholes looking to snag them at every step. Aragon took up producing and rapping with Big Speekah also choosing the latter. Using the universal language of music, they seek to expand on the ground they covered early on with their new projects set to release in the near future. Check out part one and two of their interviews to find out what Fat Boy Status has been brewing!

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