Calimoore EP

     Let's just start by saying Calimoore wastes no time getting to business! In the first mixtape of their comeback, Teelo and Klue open with hard hitting One Time. The subwoofers get to breathing their low drone, the woodblock rings off into the distance with perfect reverb, the percussive roll of a marching snare snaps, and bars follow not far behind them. After slaying the track all the way through, Teelo toys with the listener, stringing syllable after syllable in what seemed like the equivalent of a warm up all in the last seconds of the track. After setting the stage with an infectious opener, Teelo and Klue provide variety of tunes in the form club bangers like Find It, Drake like R&B/rap crossovers in Save Her, and trap in WAY2BIG. With that much variety, awesome production, and talent laden delivery, they can't fail to disappoint. Give a listen, like, share, or comment to let us know what you think! And if you haven't already, be sure to check out their comeback performance!


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