Chilldren of Indigo

     Quick! What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word indigo? You probably thought something along the lines of cool, deep, rich, or maybe even mellow. Or maybe you jumped to the other end of the spectrum to indigo children that hold special supernatural abilities. Either way, you won't land far from the makeup of Chilldren of Indigo. Soon after they're announced and long before the first string is plucked or lyric sung, you're enveloped in speculation about what is to come of the figures milling the stage. Then boom! You're thrust into their soundscape and everything you've speculated about is confirmed; Chilldren of Indigo is every bit of cool, deep, rich, and mellow. But if you thought all of that came without the blitzes of headbangingly cool tunes then you're sadly mistaken.  Here's a taste of their funk, blues, hip hop, and soul derived tunes performed at Crown and Harp. Catch Chilldren of Indigo at Sundown at the Grenada June 15th for the debut of their upcoming album Indigo Soul.


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