Calimoore Comeback

     Caliiimoore! Caliiimoore! Caliiimoore! The chant that would ring in the start of journey and the end of a successful night. Having just released their mixtape CaliMoore, Teelo and Klue came out of their musical hiatus with a bang. The nights venue would be the House of Blues with Lou Muzik hosting his Lou Muzik Live showcase and competition. On the line would be a chance to have digital distribution, official mixtape hosting, and an opportunity to perform at another Lou Muzik House of Blues event. These were pretty high stakes for an up and comer looking to build their brand outside of their local scene. The night was chalked with gems, most from in the state, but there were others that came from out of town. On the night we'd see talent from Dallas, Houston, Pittsburgh, New Orleans and more. The showcase was majority rappers, with some r&b from TJ Blayze with his own backup dancers and even dancehall influenced music from Peppa Don. And in an era of copy and paste music I was legitimately able leave with the impression of not feeling like I had listened to the same song for hours on end. Teelo and Klue would have their work cut out for them if they were to make it to the next step of the Lou Muzik competition.
      They hit hard and early and got the crowd going with their opening act and followed it up with more energy. Klue reeled the crowd back in on a slower track. Right when the crowd was caught slipping Teelo hits them with a overhand right full of energy and brings it home. Before long the crowd would be back in a ruckus heartily chanting "Calimoore"! Their carefully crafted set list would pay dividends by the end of the night as they would go on to take first place in the competition. Take a listen to their mixtape below, share and give a follow!


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